Work order is an integral part of any maintenance process. The Truck Maintenance department is made available with meaningful data across the Truck category. Over the time, TIMS Analytics help them identify the best fit Maintenance strategy. Enable them transform to better maintenance approach based on truck usage, failure patterns, past maintenance tracks and field operations deployment

Work order is an integral part of any maintenance process

It is mainly a task issued for maintenance, operation or repair work. It begins by creation of simple Work Request by the requester, and can convert inspection into Work Order by authorizing and assigning to respective Maintenance technician.

With the Work Order feature of software. Work order can either be generated manually by the requester when a corrective maintenance or breakdown maintenance has to be attended or can be automatically scheduled at a specified interval when Preventive Maintenance (PM) has to be carried out or can be created by the inspection generated trogh software with one tap. This not only puts an end to phone calls, but also easily tracks each and every maintenance task performed along with comment history. It allows all your maintenance information to be stored in one place and avoids information loss.
  • Create, Schedule & Organize Work Order
  • Tracking Status & Progress
  • Work Order History Tracking
  • Prevent Information Loss
  • Downloadable PDF Work Order Records
  • Work Request scheduling and timely completion increases the overall efficiency of the Workflow. But using traditional methods of maintenance it not only becomes complex but also difficult to track the work request completion process done by In-house or External Agency. Our software makes the entire Work Request Management process simpler by allowing priority based scheduling and organizing the entire process which is easily traceable with reporting feature.
  • Easy-To-Use Templates
  • Real-Time Email Notifications
  • Priority Based Process Scheduling
  • Error Codes Tracking & Reporting
  • Attach Image, Document & Video
  • External Agency Request Management
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