Our Other Features



Empower your team to conduct inspections and collect detailed information.

Maintenance Work Order

Generate work orders and submit work requests via a Android, iOS or Web Portal


Schedule Inspection / Work order and assign work orders for greater control over your maintenance team.

Daily Driver Reporting

Empower your Drivers to conduct inspections on daily basis and generate a weekly performange report on basis of data collection.

Preventive Maintenance

Generate PM tasks, develop PM schedules on time or usage, and track inspections.

Predictive maintenance

Define boundaries for truck operation, import readings and graph results

Inventory Management

Manage your fleet digitally and centralized information repository so you have access to information in one click

Parts Inventory Management

Manage and track spare parts, suppliers and purchase orders.


Drive value from analytics & act from the insights

Save time and effort

Easy to create inspection and maintenance flow and generate reporting with simple steps. No extra steps.

Create new checklists

Build a customized, responsive inspection form from scratch in minutes. or share with us we will upload it for you.

Use pre-built checklists

Need suggestions? Start with a pre-built checklist from the template library and modify.